Geoff Johns: Aquaman is staying put! Big plans for the character.

As news still trickles out of San Diego, CBR got their video feed of a Geoff Johns interview fixed. There were some nuggets of info you might be interested.

On the topic of Aquaman, Geoff Johns indicated that:

– DC has a lot of plans for Aquaman.
– He is one of the company’s biggest and important characters inside and outside of comics.
– DC plans to push him into the forefront.
– Black Manta is back in a big way.
– Aquaman, Mera, and Black Manta aren’t going anywhere. They should be prominent

So, despite the the Brightest Day “catch” for the Twelve, looks like Aquman will successfully complete his white entity mission.

Source: CBR

Who knew a collar on his costume, would revitalize the Aquaman character. 😉

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