Does Luke Cage Smell Like An Old Spice Man?

Have you ever heard of an actor named Isaiah Mustafa? Before you answer that you haven’t, let me preface it by saying that I hadn’t heard of him either….until I saw his picture.

Recognize him now? There’s still a good chance you don’t, but many will know him as this guy…

Who else loves those Old Spice commercials? I know I do, and for some reason I could totally see him playing Luke Cage. Maybe it’s the voice and the fact that I always figured Luke would be more then just an imposing figure, and that maybe he’d have that suave Shaft like voice to add to his uber charisma. And beyond all of that, what Luke really needs is an actor that not only looks right for the part, but who want the part. And since Brian Bendis is too white to play Luke Cage, I guess we need to look in the direction of someone like Mr. Mustafa here.

The following is a clip of him from Attack of the Show talking about wanting to play the part.

So come on Nexus readers, let’s voice our support! Donald Glover might not be Spider-Man, but Isaiah Mustafa could be Luke Cage!

Sweet Christmas!

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